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All-Day Vape

An All-Day Vape refers to an aroma that can be vaped for an extended period. Many vapers like to change the aroma of liquid throughout the day, preferring some only for a few vaping sessions and preferring others for longer periods. It is the latter that take the name of All-Day Vape.


The term 'analog' refers to a traditional tobacco cigarette and is used by the vaping community to make a distinction between traditional cigarettes and more technologically advanced electronic cigarettes.


Also called a rechargeable device. All electronic cigarettes are powered by batteries, almost all of which are rechargeable. The size of the battery affects the duration of use of the e-cigarette and that is why many vapers prefer large batteries.


Cartomizers are basically identical to clearomizers, but slightly older. In general, they do not have a transparent plastic window and therefore it is not possible to monitor the liquid level. They also use a slightly different mechanism to send the liquid to the coil. Instead of the silica wick, cartomizers use a polyfill substance that surrounds the coil to absorb the liquid and send it to the coil for heating and vaporization.


A cartridge is a pre-loaded container of liquid that can be attached to a closed system e-cigarette for instant vaping. It is not possible to refill cartridges, however they can be transported more easily than liquid bottles as the risk of leakage is lower. The cartridges are available in a wide range of flavors and strengths and, as the mouthpiece is located inside the cartridge itself, the change in flavor will not lead to flavor ghosting as is the case with open system e-cigarettes.


The device used to recharge e-cigarette batteries when they run out. Chargers often take the form of USB adapters, but are also available as power socket adapters.


The clearomizer is the part of the electronic cigarette that contains the liquid. It can be unscrewed from the battery and refilled with liquid as needed. The clearomizers have a transparent plastic window that allows you to monitor the amount of liquid remaining. The blu® clearomizers use silica wicks to transport the liquid to the coil which will take care of the heating and vaporization.

Closed system electronic cigarette

Sometimes called cigalike, closed system e-cigarettes use pre-charged cartridges with liquid and must be screwed directly to the battery of the e-cigarette. Unlike open system e-cigarettes, there is no need to manually refill the liquid.

Cloud chasing

The spread of vape has also led to the development of the vape culture, which in turn has led to the birth of activities such as cloud chasing, that is to say the act of exhaling very large and voluminous clouds of vapor often performed during competitions at events or shops dedicated to vape.


Also called atomizer, it is the component of the electronic cigarette that transforms the liquid into vapor by heating. The coil is located in the center of the clearomizer or cartridge.


Gulp is the term used to indicate the inhalation of steam. Depending on personal preference, a vape can take longer or shorter puffs and inhale in two different ways, with the shot in the throat or with the shot in the lungs. With the blow in the throat, the vapor is inhaled and held in the mouth, while with the blow in the lungs the vapor is inhaled directly into the lungs.

Electronic cigarette

Also called an e-cig, vaporizer or cigalike, this is a device used to inhale flavored vapor that may contain nicotine. E-cigarettes come in different forms and in a variety of different flavors.

Liquid for electronic cigarettes

Also called e-liquid or simply liquid, it is the substance that is transformed into vapor before being inhaled. Liquids are available in a wide range of nicotine flavors and strengths. There are also several types of liquids: PG and VG.


EUTPD is the legislation introduced for the member states of the European Union that regulates the purchase, sale and production of electronic cigarettes.


Liquids are available in a wide range of different flavors, ranging from more traditional flavors like Tobacco or Menthol to more innovative ones like Strawberry Mint and Blueberry. Thanks to this wide choice, every vaporizer will be able to find the liquid that best suits his needs.

Flavor ghosting

When a vape changes liquid, it is still possible to feel the aftertaste of the aroma of the previous liquid in the new aroma. This phenomenon is called flavor ghosting. To avoid mixing flavors, it is recommended to use separate clearomizers for the various liquid flavors used or to thoroughly clean the clearomizer before switching to a different flavor.


When refilling the clearomizer, liquid could enter the center tube and, in turn, the mouthpiece as well. This phenomenon is called 'flooding' and the best way to prevent it is to prevent liquid from entering the central tube and make sure you do not overfill the clearomizer.

Hon Lik

The inventor of the modern electronic cigarette. Hon Lik's pioneering work led to the creation of the first modern e-cigarette in 2004. Hon Lik continues to work closely with Fontem Ventures, the owners of blu®, to create innovative products and advise on future projects.


An amp-hour refers to the amount of charging transferred with a continuous current of one amp per hour. mAh, a measure that indicates milliamps per hour, is most commonly used in connection with e-cigarettes and indicates a thousand amps per hour. The mAh measurement gives an idea of the power of a battery however, contrary to what is often believed, mAh does not indicate the capacity of a battery.


Also called advanced personal vaporizers, mods are electronic cigarettes used by more experienced vapers whose appearance and power specifications can be changed to suit your needs.


Also called an inhaler, it is the component that allows you to inhale the vapor. On open system e-cigarettes, such as blu PRO®, the mouthpiece must be removed before refilling the clearomizer. On some e-cigarettes the mouthpiece is built directly into the cartridge.

Nicotine gradation

The amount of nicotine present in a liquid is indicated in percentages, milliliters or milligrams. When the amount of nicotine in a liquid is indicated in milliliters or milligrams, it generally refers to a measurement of 100 ml / mg of liquid. Therefore, if the nicotine content of an e-liquid is 1.6 mg, it means that it contains 1.6% nicotine while the remaining 98.4% is made up of other ingredients.


Ohms measure resistance. A low level of resistance results in increased circulation of electricity in the device. On some mods, you can adjust the ohm level to change how the device works.

Open system electronic cigarette

Also called vape pens, open system e-cigarettes feature a clearomizer that must be filled with liquid manually. When the liquid runs out, the electronic cigarette can be taken apart for refilling.

Propylene glycol

Propylene glycol (PG) is used, among other things, for the production of food and plastics and is more widely used than vegetable glycerin in the production of liquids for electronic cigarettes. Overall, PG offers a better throat hit, a more intense aroma, and may cause fewer clogging to the e-cigarette than Vegetable Glycerin.

Shot in the throat

The feeling you get in the back of your throat when you inhale the vapor. Some vapers choose liquids based on the hit in the throat, which can be more or less intense.


The act of inhaling and exhaling vapor from an electronic cigarette. The term 'vape' can also refer to the generic action of using electronic cigarettes or the specific act of inhaling and exhaling steam.

Vaping etiquette

The unwritten laws that every responsible vaper tries to abide by. While you won't break the law if you don't abide by these rules, these general guidelines are highly regarded by the vaping community.


The name by which the consumers of electronic cigarettes are indicated. The term can designate both a person who considers himself a long-term consumer and an individual in the act of vaping.


The exhalation that occurs after taking a puff from an electronic cigarette. The vapor is basically made up of small drops of water that evaporate immediately after being exhaled. The vapor can be inhaled into the mouth and absorbed through the cheeks or it can be inhaled directly into the lungs.

Vaper's language

Since the action of vaping dries out the moisture present in the mouth, vapers often experience the sensation of having their tongue dry after vaping for a certain period of time. This phenomenon is called 'Vaper's tongue' and can be alleviated by drinking a glass of cold water or orange juice.

Vegetable glycerin

Vegetable Glycerin (VG) is sweeter than Propylene Glycol, as can be perceived in the aroma of the liquids that use it as a base. Since it is thicker than propylene glycol, it can cause obstructions to the internal mechanism of the e-cigarette if the device is not stored properly. On the other hand, it is considered more suitable than propylene glycol for the production of voluminous vapor clouds.


The wick absorbs and then holds the liquid coming from the clearomizer. Often made of fabric or cotton, the wick of blu® products is partly composed of silica.

It is a conventional expression to indicate the most used battery in electronic cigarettes, able to offer users truly discreet power, duration and size. The name indicates its dimensions: 18mm in diameter by 65mm in length. 18650 cells are rechargeable and commercially available with different capacities and output power.

Battery type generally used in advanced mod boxes and some mechanical mods. This name derives from its size: 20 mm in diameter by 70 mm in length. These batteries offer greater charge and amperage than traditional 18650s. 20700 cells are rechargeable.

Indicates the thread of the attack of the most common atomizers. It has become the industry standard that most manufacturers adhere to.

AIO stands for All in One. It is an "all in one" electronic cigarette, ie the battery and the atomizer are coupled. They are compact and inexpensive devices and their only weaknesses are the difficulty of cleaning and the inability to replace the atomizer.

All day
It usually refers to a liquid that is vaped around the clock. Our favorite liquid, the one that never tires.

It is one of the ingredients of the liquid for ecig, it characterizes its flavor. Food flavorings are usually used. There are several aromatic families: tobacco, fruity, creamy.

Atomizer Short
Mod error message, indicates that the atomizer is short-circuited.

It is the component that allows the electronic cigarette to vaporize the liquid and inhale it by the user. There are different types of atomizers: head, regenerable, disposable and dripping.

English-speaking term that refers to the atomizer.

It is an electronic cigarette that generates vapor by sucking from the drip tip, without activation or setting buttons.

Base (liquid)
The base liquid (or neutral base) is the mixture of VG and PG without the addition of flavorings. The base liquid is used to customize the flavoring and the amount of nicotine.

In the world of vaping, the battery can indicate, in addition to the classic torch batteries, the electronic device that supplies the energy to the atomizer to vaporize the liquid. There are different types of battery such as the MOD, the Big Battery and the Pod Mod. The batteries for ecig can have an integrated or replaceable battery (rechargeable batteries).

Box Mod
It is a MOD with a size similar to a box.

It is a battery delivery mode.

Clapton coil
It is a type of advanced resistance and used in regenerable atomizers. Aesthetically it is similar to a guitar string, as it comes with a resistive wire wrapped around a main one.

Cloud Chasing
Literally "Hunting for the cloud". It is the slang that is used to indicate the types of vaping tools capable of creating huge clouds of vapor (example cloud chasing atomizer).

Also called resistance or coil, it is the metal element that is found in the atomizer head and its function is to heat and vaporize the liquid.

Term used to describe the type of attack present on electronic cigarettes (MOD) and which allows you to screw the atomizers (see 510 or eGo).

Battery protection system that automatically deactivates it after a period of time set by the manufacturer. Protects from accidental activations such as in your pocket or bag.

From the English "bridge" is the part of the regenerable atomizer where the coil made by the user is mounted (also called build). The deck is in effect an electric bridge.
There are different types of deck such as postless or velocity.

It is a microchip for electronic cigarettes produced by Evolv LLC, an American company, which allows the management of the various functions of the Mods (WV, VV TC). There are different versions of DNA (eg DNA40, DNA75, DNA200). The Mods with DNA chipset can be connected to the PC or Mac, via the USB port, and through the EScribe software, make further customizations and modifications.

Drip Tip
It is the mouthpiece (or mouthpiece) where the lips rest to inhale the vapor. Go to our catalog ofdrip tip.

Translated from the English "dripping" is the act of wetting the cotton of the coil directly with the liquid in the dripper (type of regenerable atomizer without tank). This system is used to have a better aromatic and hit experience. For expert or hard vaper users.

Direct to lung or lung pull is a type of vapor inhalation. The vapor is inhaled directly into the lungs through normal aspiration. There are special atomizers and liquids for this type of vaping experience. Generally lung shot liquids have a higher VG (vegetable glycerol) component and a lower nicotine level than "normal" liquids (usually around 3mg / ml). DTL is the opposite of '
. On our site it is indicated in the search filters by the item type of shot: Arioso (Pulmonare)

It stands for Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems and is the "technical" name of the electronic cigarette used mainly by the scientific community and by legislative and non-legislative authorities.

Resistive wire
Wire of metal material used to make the regenerable atomizer coil. The resistive wire is sold in spools, in different diameters and materials such as kanthal, ss316 steel, nichrome. Each material has its own characteristics of conductivity, ductility and strength per linear meter.

Also known as "blow in the throat". It is the sensation that is felt in the throat when vaping a liquid with nicotine. It is closely related to the amount of nicotine present in liquid or traditional cigarettes. If the sensation is too strong and disturbing, it means that there is too much nicotine present for your needs.

The liquid for electronic cigarettes (eliquid or e-liquid) is a solution of Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerol (VG), flavors and nicotine that is vaporized by the electronic cigarette.

It stands for milli-ampere-hours and is a measure of how much energy the battery can store. The higher this number and the more energy can be stored, the longer the charging time and the larger the size.

Wire mesh, which has the same function as a coil, that is to heat and vaporize the liquid.

stands for milligram and indicates the quantity of nicotine present in a liquid, expressed in mg / ml (milligram over milliliter).
Very common nicotine levels are: 0mg, 2mg, 4mg, 6mg, 9mg 12mg and 18mg. Sometimes the value is expressed as a percentage eg. 4mg / ml> 4%.

A MOD is the body of an electronic cigarette. The MOD generally contains: the battery / battery that provides energy, the protection and delivery circuit (to customize the type of vape), the USB port for charging and the housing / connector for the atomizer. There are different types of mods, you can learn more by reading:

Mouth to lung or cheek throw is a type of vapor inhalation, very similar to the traditional cigarette pull it is very closed and needs a passage first from the mouth and then into the lungs. MTL is the opposite of
. On our online shop it is indicated in the search filters with the item type of shot: closed (cigarette) and closed airy (cigarette without filter).

Nicotine is an organic compound present in tobacco and solanaceae (tomato, pepper, eggplant and others), which creates psychic (and physical to a lesser extent) addiction. Its function within the e-liquid is to satisfy the need for nicotine and to deliver the hit (shot in the throat).

It is the measure of the electrical resistance (ohm law). Refers to the coil / resistor. A low Ohm (e.g. 0.5ohm) indicates lower resistance and, in turn, faster heating. Resistors below 1ohm are called SubOhm.

Gasket. It is generally found in the atomizer.

It means that the device can be used when charging via power cable.

Propylene Glycol (E1520) is an odorless, colorless, sweet-tasting liquid chemical compound that is used in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries to dilute other components. It is one of the ingredients of the liquid for electronic cigarettes.

It is a cartridge that acts as a tank with the integrated coil / head. Easy and immediate to use, it is mounted on a special device (pod mod). On the market there are empty pods to be loaded with your favorite liquid or preloaded (eg myblu, juul, minifit vaporart and others). It is a disposable product, when the head (or the liquid) runs out it is replaced with a new one.

Pod Mod
It is an electronic cigarette that uses disposable cartridges / pods.

Refill of the liquid in the atomizer.

Rebuildable Tank Atomizer or Rebuildable Atomizer. In this kind of atomizer the user has to build the head himself (coil + wick / cotton). Personalization of the maximum experience, but recommended for expert users who have notions of electrical engineering and do-it-yourself.
Visit our catalog of
and clone regenerable atomizers.

It is the name of the first liquid created for the electronic cigarette. Produced by Dekang in 2004 for Ruyan LTD the company of Hon Lik (the inventor of the electronic cigarette). The basic components are tobacco, caramel and vanilla.

Salts of Nicotine
Also NicSalt or Nicotine Lactate (technical name). It is one of the most recent innovations in the vaping industry. It is a new type of nicotine with which liquids are prepared. The benefit is that you have a higher nicotine intake per shot with less throat hit. Thanks to liquids with nicotine salts, entry level devices and pod mods are able to be more performing and satisfying.

Electronic cigarette
The electronic cigarette (e-cigarette, e-cig or personal vaporizer) is an electronic device that imitates the sensations and gestures of the traditional cigarette or processed tobaccos (cigar or pipe). The 2003 invention is attributed to the Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik.

Starter Kit
It is a package that includes an electronic cigarette complete with device with battery and atomizer, and which is often recommended for beginners. Sometimes it is possible that the starter kit also includes other accessories, such as an additional atomizer, pre-loaded cartridges, etc ...

A type of resistance used mostly on advanced systems, capable of producing more steam. It is called in this way because the ohm value of this type of resistance is around 1.

The act of inhaling the vapor from the ecig. If a smoker smokes, a vape vape!

Temperature Control is a mod / battery delivery mode. Unlike VW mode, which sets the output power, in the TC the temperature in ° C of the coil / resistance is set. The advantage of the TC is to have a more uniform vape and avoids the problems of burning the cotton (battened). Not all resistive materials can be used in TC. Others, however, are more suitable eg. nickel or titanium.

Also called head coil, replacement head or pod. The head is a spare part of the atomizer and is the component that vaporizes the liquid. It is composed of an element that transports the liquid (cotton, ceramic, silica wick) into the coil / resistance which, when heated, vaporizes the liquid.

Tobacco Products Directive is a European directive that regulates the world of tobacco and electronic cigarettes at EU level and has been in force since May 20, 2017. According to the standard, for example, liquids with nicotine can only be sold in 10ml bottles with a maximum content of 20mg / ml.

Vegetable glycerin or vegetable glycerol is a vegetable additive, particularly viscous and dense that gives the smokiness of a liquid, or the amount of vapor generated during the vape.

The Variable Voltage was created to regulate the delivery power of the box. For VV devices without display, it is necessary to know the resistance value of the atomizer in order to calculate the wattage resulting from the set volts.

Variable Wattage is the most used mode on the box mod. It allows you to select the power delivered by the battery without worrying about making calculations or knowing formulas: just choose the preferred value. The higher the Watt value, the hotter the steam generated will be, so you can customize the vape. Not all atomizers are compatible with any power: generally there are indications on replacement heads.

Weak Battery
Mod error message indicating that the battery (stack) is low or unable to supply the required amperage to meet the Mod settings.